Welcome to the official website of IADiMe “International Association on Direct Methods”.

This site is meant to be a platform of communication for the community of researchers, engineers and students interested in the development and the use of Direct Methods. This includes genuinely Limit and Shakedown Analysis, but also Methods for Optimum Design of Structures and Materials in view of their limit states.


The idea to create a website for this growing and active research community was born during a Workshop on Direct Methods held in Aachen in November 2007. In 2009 a first website was developed in response of the wish of many members of the community to help individuals and groups spread all over the world to exchange information about ongoing work, advance new ideas, ask open questions and discuss possibilities of cooperation.

The idea to found a legally binding international scientific association (IADiMe) on this theme emerged in Reggio Calabria during the fourth workshop in October 2013. After 4 successful workshops on Direct Methods held in Aachen, Lille, Athens and Reggio Calabria, preceded by Euromech conferences on the same subject, many common scientific interests and a high degree of mutual understanding has been observed. This led to a certain homogeneity and the feeling to be part of a group with distinct scientific characteristics, which are not always adequately represented in existing scientific communities.

The aim of IADiMe is, in fact, the promotion of Direct Methods in order to get a better visibility of the scientific activities on this subject. This includes in particular to foster the application in industrial environments of the existing large variety of methods, the quest for public and private support for the further development of the methods and the preparation of young engineers and scientists to apply these methods in their professional activities.

Structure of the website

The structure of the site is organised in distinct parts:

  1. Members
  2. News (you can insert comments about ongoing activities and events)
  3. Publications/files (abstracts, paper preprints, book proceedings …)
  4. Uploading area to share files with the community
  5. Forum for requests and demands
  6. Photo gallery

In order to be able to use the site, please register or sign in.

Membership in this community and use of the site are free of charge. There is no commercial interest, no publicity, only science and, hopefully, fun.  If you wish to adhere, please send us simply an email with your coordinates. We will then get in touch with you for eventual supplementary information.

Statutes of the International Association on Direct Methods (link)

 President: Professor Dieter Weichert

Vice President: Professor Aurora Angela Pisano

Secretary: Dr Dario De Domenico

The administrator: Professor Aurora Angela Pisano